Post Cards

Here are some FREE downloadable postcards! Print them on card on your home computer. Use a ruler and a dull rotary cutter (not your good fabric cutter) to cut them out nice and straight. Then zigzag your machine quilted fabric front to the postcard backing. These are some of the postcards that we offer in our monthly Little Box of Sunshine. We made them available! FREE* for your personal use. 

*These postcards are free for your personal use ONLY. They are NOT to be resold.

2016-09-14 autumn box 099
love postcard1
heart postcard stack
Heart Front
Heart Back
Umbrella Front
Umbrella back
Firefly Front
Firefly back
Snow Front
Alice Back
Alice Front
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Singing in the rain


alice in wonderland


Autumn Leaves


Christmas Holidays

May Flowers

Summer Fruits



Anchors Aweigh