Hi, we’re the Milne's! The machinequilter blog is the result of collaborative effort between a mom and her children (and their cats). Together we help maintain a family business based in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, selling equipment and tools for quilters and finding new and exciting ways to help educate them in the craft too. Say hello to the team!

Martha | 'The Boss'

Martha’s from Baltimore and started the business so we could bring American machine quilting innovations to English quilters. Her folk art approach to hand-guided machine quilting helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

Pete | 'Milne Tech'

Pete has a knack for all things tech, as he should do, being summoned at all hours for any manner of tech queries. With a love for coffee (graciously supplied by Rosie), music and ALL the tiny plants

Rosie | 'Photoshop Wizard'

Rosie has a heart for graphic design and Architecture. She also makes a mean cup of coffee. You’ll find her blissing out to John Mayer and downloading new fonts for no apparent reason.

Emily | 'Quilting Queen'

Emily’s been helping mom out in the business for a few years now. She’s a natural at quilting, and is particularly good at thread painting. Emily loves languages, Barcelona, salsa dancing, and reading. She’s also boss at word games.

Tipsy | 'Big Mama'

She’s not really fat, but she was mama to seven kitty cats. Tipsy has a talent for knowing when people are feeling down – she’ll promptly turn up and start rubbing at your heals to make you feel better.

Gypsy | 'Evil Mastermind'

Gypsy is Tipsy’s daughter. She’s the epitome of cute and sneaky combined, and has a knack for determining what the most important thing in the room is, before sitting on it, thus declaring herself more important.