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Preparing for the Festival of Quilts 2018

We're getting ready to head to the Festival of Quilts! We absolutely love the Festival of Quilts. It's such a fun opportunity for us to meet quilters, stitchers and makers. Our frames will be there to try out, and we'll be on hand to chat to you and talk you through how it works. It's actually really amazing to see people's reactions when they try the frame for the first time - "it's so easy!" "wow, just like doodling!" Even better is when we start to take it apart right in front of people  ...

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Quilting frame update makes it easy to switch frame size

Rosie takes us through our new quilting frame updates.  We LOVE our frame (just in case you didn't realise) - it's the easiest of its kind to assemble and disassemble, it's got a beautiful look and feel thanks to the crafted wood design, and it allows for such smooth free-motion movement that quilting projects get finished in no time. It comes in three sizes - 6ft, 8ft and 10ft. The tricky thing has always been deciding which size to go for - something which, with our tweaks, is now not so  ...

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Finding the Right Table

The Machine Quilter frame is designed to clamp to a table, so finding the right table is really important Table top frames are easy to set up and take down. This makes them portable. The Machine Quilter frame can easily fit in your car and go to your friend's house, a workshop, a charity quilting day or a retreat. Once you get where your going, you'll need to set up the frame on a table. Here are the features to help you choose the right table for your Machine Quilter frame. Table Talk  ...

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