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Our oh-so-clever larger poles and tracks!

  Our Machine Quilter frames come in 6, 8 and 10 foot sizes. While the 6 foot frame comes ready to use, the 8  and 10 foot  fabric poles and tracks require some minor putting together. In order to fit in your car, and/or the couriers van, we needed to design the larger poles and tracks so that they could be easily taken apart for transport and then easily re-assembled. We ship the poles and tracks in two pieces so they’ll fit in your car. This post shows you how to put them  ...

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The little machine that behaves like a long arm

All sewing machines are not created equal. Most machines are better at some things then they are at others. Some machines are designed for general sewing, they do a little bit of everything. Some sewing machines are lovely and light weight; they’re ideal for taking to classes. Some rather complicated machines were designed for machine embroidery, they can be set to execute intricate designs with a variety of threads. Long arm quilting machines are becoming more popular and many  ...

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Pencil Power

Machine Quilting frames  allow the sewing machine to glide every-which-way over the top of your quilt. It’s like magic!  This amazingly free movement transforms your sewing machine needle into a pencil; so anything you can draw, you can quilt. The frame holds the layers of your quilt steady like a perfectly tensioned canvas; enabling you to draw with your needle just like you would with a pencil. If you want to get good at free-motion-quilting, then doodle! Doodling is the best way to  ...

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Emily’s Uni Quilt

Here’s a throwback Thursday post. To go along with our Back to school theme we’re sharing a post about one of Emily’s early quilts. Emily is now an AWESOME quilter. We thought it would be fun to get a glimpse of how she got started. We made this quilt for Emily to take to University, her very first year at King’s College London. We bought the fabric at the 2011 Festival of Quilts. We were inspired by one of Trudi Wood’s many quilts. This was a simple rail fence  ...

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