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IKEA Hack Curtains

We’re a bookish family. When we moved house, we struggled to find the right place to set up our bookshelves. Consequently, most of our books have been stuck in boxes. We decided to get a custom shelf built to go around the sliding doors that lead to the conservatory. Something a bit like this. But with  curtained sliding doors. Getting the joiner to do the job is taking longer than I’d anticipated. Being fed up with the old curtains, I decided to go ahead and make the new  ...

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The Work Horse

This post continues our series on what to look for in a sewing machine that you want to put on a quilting frame. In the first post we considered space. Today we’ll be looking at strength and speed. Professional long arm quilting machines come in two parts. There is a very powerful industrial sewing machine head that does the stitching. This ‘head’ is fixed on a large frame. The frame has 3 fabric poles that tension the layers of the quilt and a tracking system allowing the  ...

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Our oh-so-clever larger poles and tracks!

  Our Machine Quilter frames come in 6, 8 and 10 foot sizes. While the 6 foot frame comes ready to use, the 8  and 10 foot  fabric poles and tracks require some minor putting together. In order to fit in your car, and/or the couriers van, we needed to design the larger poles and tracks so that they could be easily taken apart for transport and then easily re-assembled. We ship the poles and tracks in two pieces so they’ll fit in your car. This post shows you how to put them  ...

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The little machine that behaves like a long arm

All sewing machines are not created equal. Most machines are better at some things then they are at others. Some machines are designed for general sewing, they do a little bit of everything. Some sewing machines are lovely and light weight; they’re ideal for taking to classes. Some rather complicated machines were designed for machine embroidery, they can be set to execute intricate designs with a variety of threads. Long arm quilting machines are becoming more popular and many  ...

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