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Window Pumpkins Half-term Sewing Project

Get the kids sewing with this Window Pumpkin project. It’s half-term and this pumpkin project is a perfect opportunity to give your kids a go on your sewing machine. We call these window or stained glass pumpkins because we hang them in the window and the sun shining through makes them glow. At night time we can get the same effect by putting them on a lampshade. Here’s a simple tutorial for making the pumpkins together with your kids. The whole project comes together quickly  ...

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Trick or Treat Bag

Whip together this glow-the-dark spider web bag just in time for Halloween. The trick is to find just the right fabric waiting in your stash. The treat is to have just the right tools to turn your ideas into reality in a couple of hours. The project started as a way to show off the TL 2200 QVP Mini on our 6-foot Machine Quilter frame. I found this spider web canvas fabric in my stash and decided to trace the spider webs with glow-in-the-dark thread. We loaded the fabric on the frame and  ...

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IKEA Hack Curtains

We’re a bookish family. When we moved house, we struggled to find the right place to set up our bookshelves. Consequently, most of our books have been stuck in boxes. We decided to get a custom shelf built to go around the sliding doors that lead to the conservatory. Something a bit like this. But with  curtained sliding doors. Getting the joiner to do the job is taking longer than I’d anticipated. Being fed up with the old curtains, I decided to go ahead and make the new  ...

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