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Lucy’s Quilt & Colour Theory Tips

We made this quilt for our friend Lucy to take when she goes to University this fall. Lucy’s quilt is so bright, my husband runs for his sun glasses, but it makes my heart dance. I love how the intense saturated colours fall into simple ordered chaos as the bold floral prints are flanked by stripes on each side and plain squares in the corners. The stars of this show are the TL QVP Mini straight stitch and the 2200 QVP long arm machines. Although the TL machine is my favourite to use  ...

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Upcoming Events

2 Weeks to the Festival!

  Find us at stand A46. The Festival of Quilts is our really BIG show and it’s coming up soon. We can’t wait! You’ll find us at stand A46 under JUKI sewing machines brought to you by Franklin’s Group the UK Distributors. JUKI has just brought out an updated version of the TL 98 P straight stitch sewing machine. It’s called the TL Quilt Virtuoso Pro Mini and it’s only mini in relation to the 2200QVP long arm. We think the perfect tool for machine  ...

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Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the Studio

Creative Spaces: room for tools After years of fitting my quilting into our family spaces, I finally have my own studio. We moved house last year, which was an exercise in de-cluttering! Painful but ultimately liberating. As challenging as it was to get rid of 17 years worth of  stuff, it did leave room for NEW things.  It’s great to have some space to spread out, space to breathe, space to think and let the magic happen. With that in mind, I’ve tried to keep my new space  ...

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