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Upcoming Events

Fancy a Retreat?

We’ve started hosting bring-your-own-frame Retreats. They’re GREAT! Despite the gorgeous photo, our venue is not a beach hut. But you can visit them on a walk to the beach.   The Grange and Links Hotel in Sandilands near Sutton-on-Sea in Lincolnshire will be putting us up. The food is delicious, the rooms are comfortable and best of all we get to use the ballroom to set up our frames! This means that we have plenty of room for everyone. Bringing your own frame and sewing machine  ...

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Studio Stories

Jill Rose Brennan

Today we’d like to feature Jill Rose Brennan. Jill’s a quilter who makes all sorts “arty ones, beddy ones, large and small and commissions too. Here’s how we met. I’ll let Jill tell you in her own words. “For quite a while I had been looking at the Machine Quilter Frames and had spoken with Martha Milne about how these might work for me. I had also ‘wandered’ over to see them at Festival of Quilts and had a little try-out. I was impressed. They seemed to  ...

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Tools of the Trade

Under the Arm

There’s a hidden dimension in long arm measurements. It’s the height! Lots of people talk about how long the arm of a sewing machine is. But the height is just as important!  Long arm machines usually list the length AND the height of the machine arm. You can see this in the line up of these Gammill long arm machines below. a a a Long arm machines are listed by length and height 30 inches long by 12 inches tall 26 inches long by 10 inches tall 22 inches long by 10 inches tall 18  ...

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Introducing… The Little Box of Sunshine

We’re very excited to be launching our new monthly subscription boxes! The Little Box of Sunshine is part of our ‘Circles round the Sun’ education programme. It’s the ideal way for quilters to gain basic free-motion-quilting skills by building on the simplest quilting pattern – the circle. The boxes are themed so that every month you’ll do a quilted postcard project based on a loopy pattern that incorporates a seasonal motif – believe it or not,  ...

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